DC Circuit Holds Contractual Clause Directing Non-Disparagement Implies Employer Itself Cannot Disparage | Seyfarth Shaw

The DC Circuit recently held that a “Mutual Non-Disparagement” clause requiring an employer to “direct” its employees not to disparage a former employee could reasonably be interpreted as prohibiting the employer itself from making disparaging statements.

in Wright v. Eugene

Not All Documents Labeled Confidential Actually Are: Texas Jury Finds $23M Trade Secret Case Was Brought in Bad Faith | Seyfarth Shaw

On May 31, 2023, a Harris County Texas District Court jury found a telecom company acted in bad faith by filing a $23 million trade secret misappropriation lawsuit against a rival where the underlying technology was found to not actually

Spilling Secrets to AI: Does Chatting with ChatGPT Unleash Trade Secrets or Invention Disclosure Dilemmas? | Seyfarth Shaw

This article was originally published on Seyfarth’s Gadgets, Gigabytes & Goodwill blog.

If there is anything movies like The Terminator have shown us, it’s that AI systems might one day become self-aware and wreak havoc. But until Skynet becomes self-aware,