Supreme Court Settles Jurisdictional Conundrum for Appeals from ITAT Orders – The RMLNLU Law Review Blog

By: Harshit Joshi


An appeal was brought before the Supreme Court in which both the Delhi High Court and the Punjab & Haryana High Court refused to have territorial jurisdiction over the dispute due to a difference of opinion

Edmonton lawyer’s conduct led to collapse of Northlands case, court documents show

A multi-million dollar wrongful dismissal and defamation trial collapsed because of the conduct of the lawyer representing former Edmonton Northlands cashiers, court documents show.

This week, CBC News opposed an application to permanently seal affidavits plaintiffs had filed about Glenda

Carving a House for Judicial Assessment – The RMLNLU Regulation Assessment Weblog

By: Kartik Sharma

The creation of the unbiased Indian state was an unprecedented occasion in historical past. This nascent nation needed to be steered by means of the vagaries of threatening forces. A transformative imaginative and prescient encompassing a singular